Keesing Media Group Values and Culture

Keesing Media Group Purpose

Our purpose is to change the world — one puzzle player at a time. And while our customers may not know our name, they really love our products. Puzzling slows the aging process and is fun for players of all ages. Thanks to the millions of puzzles and braintainment games we produce annually, we’re making the world a smarter and better place.

Keesing Media Group Culture

We know the importance of having fun. That’s why we create a fun and positive work environment. It’s our number one priority. Because a positive company is a successful company.

Our culture is informal and professional and we always support each other. We’re never afraid to roll up our sleeves and lend a team member a hand.

Since our early days more than 100 years ago, many things have changed, including our products and how people use them. We continue to embrace change through growth and digital products while honouring our rich history. And some things never change — like our down-to-earth nature and passion to always deliver our best work.

At Keesing we are:

  • a unique combination of an established global leader with an eye on new growth markets and digital products
  • small enough to be agile, but large enough to be meaningful
  • international and serve a global market with nine offices in Europe
  • innovative and we make fun, challenging and meaningful braintainment products

Why our company values matter to all of us

You can think of Keesing values as our company’s DNA. Our three values are: brainy, modesty and quality. They are the essence of Keesing Media Group’s identity. And they are something we all share personally as well as professionally that shapes our culture.

On a business level, our values are unique to Keesing and help us stand apart in the market and against our competition. They are part of everything we do and at the heart of every decision we make.

And no matter what your role or where you are located, our shared values strengthen our brand and improve teamwork.

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