Our company culture

We know the importance of having fun. That’s why we create a fun and positive work environment. It’s our number one priority. Because a positive company is a successful company. Our culture is informal and professional, and we always support each other. We’re never afraid to roll up our sleeves and lend a team member a hand.

You can think of Keesing values as our company’s DNA. Our three values are: brainy, modesty and quality. They are the essence of Keesing Media Group’s identity. And they are something we all share personally as well as professionally that shapes our culture.

Many things have changed since we were founded, from our products to how people use them. We continue to embrace change through growth and digital products while honouring our rich 100-year history. But some things never change — our down-to-earth nature and passion to always deliver our best work.


Just like our smart fun products, we are clever and enjoy what we do.


We are humble, down-to-earth and support each other, always ready to roll up our sleeves.


We all deliver our best because we don't settle for anything less then excellence at every step,

“Think big. It’s a brilliant time to join Keesing.”

What our colleagues say about working at Keesing

Jean-Paul Lo-Ten-Foe
Jean-Paul Lo-Ten-Foe Manager of Finance

You’ll join an energetic company with a positive vibe where you can grow together.

Maria Eca
Maria Eca Product & Production Manager

You’ll enjoy all the benefits of a large company but still feel like you’re working in a small, close-knit group. It’s the best of both worlds.

Monika Stalberg
Monika Stalberg Head of Editorial

Be prepared to connect with a variety of talented people and experience innovative developments.