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Playing games and solving puzzles are fun to do at any age. And they’re not just fun — puzzles are good for your brain too. Online games challenge your brain with special puzzles and games to help improve memory and keep you sharp, too. We like to call these games braintainment.

Consumer brands

We offer a variety of puzzle apps for tablets and mobile devices. Our mobile apps features digital puzzles you can play on mobile devices like: Sudoku, Wordsearch, Arrowword, Crossword and Tectonic.

CoolGames + -

CoolGames is a games studio specialised in developing HTML5 games. Its portfolio includes webgames based on well-known third-party IP, including Monopoly, Sudoku, Battleship and Angry Birds. CoolGames also develops its own gaming IP.

They mainly publish its games on new Big Tech game channels, including Facebook Play, Google GameSnacks and Microsoft Start. These channels allow games to be played directly on a PC or mobile phone without the need to download a traditional app.

Klubble + -

Klubble is an online community puzzle platform where players can choose to play more than 20 different puzzle types on their desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

Players can earn Brainpoints every time they solve a puzzle. Players also get their own personalized Daily Dose of smart tips as a fun way to keep exercising their brain power.

Puzzlepal + -

Thanks to our partnership with Elevate Labs, Keesing is launching a brand new puzzle and braintainment app called PuzzlePal. It’s basically like a Fitness Pal app but for your brain. And puzzle enthusiasts will have so much fun, it will become habit-forming!

Keesing’s PuzzlePal is the one-stop-shop for the most popular games that incorporate braintainment technology. It’s also our first app to incorporate our in-house puzzle content creation and merge it with next-generation gaming design and brain training.

Elevate + -

Elevate is a digital cognitive training tool to help develop communication and analytical skills. The Elevate app is known as braintraining and includes 40+ games that boost productivity, earning power, and self-confidence in skills like math, reading, writing, speaking and listening.

In 2014, Elevate was launched and awarded App of the Year by Apple. Since then, Elevate has been downloaded more than 25 million times from the App Store and Google Play.

In 2019 Elevate Labs launched their second app: Balance. Balance is a new type of meditation app that continues to adapt to your needs. And it guides you through scientifically-proven methods to improve your stress, focus, sleep and mood.

Balance is Google Play’s Best App of 2021. According to Google, Balance won the award as it encourages people to find their center through personalized meditations in a creative yet meditative way.

Puzzelsite + -

Puzzelsite is a popular Dutch online puzzle platform. Whether you like Cryptograms, Fitword or Wordsearch puzzles, there is something to appeal to every puzzle fan. You can even win prizes just by solving certain puzzles. And new puzzles are added daily for everyone to enjoy.

B2B solutions

White label B2B platform

B2B businesses count on our white label puzzle platform to provide a consistent puzzle experience for their customers across multiple platforms. Our KMG puzzle platform is easy to integrate and designed in their brand style with all the latest and most popular puzzles.

We integrate our white label puzzle platform to facilitate additional revenue models for our business partners with:

  • advertising
  • sponsored puzzles
  • generating leads
  • memberships

Major B2B business partners who use our puzzle platform can be found all over Europe, from Sweden to Spain.

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