Our vision & mission

Thanks to our rich history and dedication to providing smart and fun games for players of all ages, at KMG we have a unique vision for the world of our puzzle players. Since we produced our first puzzle books in 1930, we have remained adaptable and a market leader through autonomous growth supported by our buy-and-build strategy.

These acquisitions and investments in digital solutions allow KMG to continuously adapt to the latest consumer needs and changing markets. To remain relevant and successful, we know that KMG must keep evolving and growing. That’s why you’ll always find us looking for opportunities to improve, expand, or explore untapped markets, especially in the growing digital market.

Smart fun

We pursue smart and efficient solutions in our everyday work and enjoy discovering new and smarter solutions. Our culture is fun and intelligent and attracts talented people.


We actively monitor and respond quickly to opportunities in our markets and society. This strategy helps us identify new prospects for our brands.

Better together

We take personal responsibility and always do the best we can. And we achieve this synchronicity by hiring diverse personalities, competencies, and points of view to work together.

Getting it done

Our extensive experience and expanding international reach leads us to discover new insights and ways to succeed through hard work and forward-thinking as we develop new solutions.


Since we offer a wide selection of print products, we are mindful of the indispensability of forests. That’s why we value our PEFC certificate and actively participate in sustainable forest management. We only buy certified paper from sustainable sources, which is easily renewable, sustainable, and recyclable.

Our purpose is to change the world, one puzzle player at a time