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Laura van WilligenBefore joining Keesing four years ago, Laura worked for a large corporate organization with a traditional corporate structure. “What I immediately liked about Keesing is that it’s small enough to be agile, yet big enough to be meaningful,” she says. “And from an HR perspective, it is growing thanks to a very successful product line and buy and build strategy. Plus I felt an immediate click with the company culture of smart people who roll up their sleeves.” 

And people are the main focus of Laura’s role. “My most important focus is to establish a strong brand internally and externally that’s consistent across each country where we have a presence.” Keesing’s buy and build strategy involves acquiring new companies and onboarding colleagues throughout Europe. “It can be a challenge to maintain a uniform culture and family environment with so many changes, new products and people. But I’m proud of how well we’ve been able to accomplish this as well as attract talented colleagues who fit with our culture and work ethic.” 


Join our ‘Brainy family’ and spread your wings!


In her role as Global Head of HR, Laura is the glue that holds Keesing together by managing HR activities across all the countries, from recruiting and retaining talent to reorganizing union protocols. She says, “I also enjoy being a trusted advisor of the management team. And I’m happy to work in a way that has a meaningful impact on people. I like working with smart, talented people and all of our colleagues are proud of their contributions. We encourage and empower everyone to take responsibility and dedicate themselves to being their best. And we give them the freedom and tools they need to succeed. It’s a very inspiring environment.” 

With three young children under the age of six, Laura doesn’t have a lot of free time to relax. But when she does, Laura enjoys spending time with her family and friends and playing tennis, too. If you ask Laura why you should join Keesing, she says, “Join our ‘Brainy family’ and spread your wings!” 


In a nutshell: 

  • Title: HR 
  • How long with Keesing: 4 years 
  • Country location: Amsterdam 
  • Keesing in one word: Brainy  
  • Favorite puzzle: Sudoku