Takeovers in France and Italy, a new president/MD in North America

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Keesing continues to show strong growth


Amsterdam, November 8, 2022 – Keesing Media Group continues to go from
strength to strength despite the uncertain macro-economic climate. Following on
from the successful takeover of Kappa Publishing and Kappa Books in the US in
March, Keesing has now made new acquisitions in France and Italy. In France
Keesing has taken over RCI Jeux, market leader in the French B2B market and in
Italy, Sudoku Srl, market leader in logical puzzles. Since BC Partners acquired a
majority stake in Keesing in January 2021, the company has taken over five
companies and now has offices in 12 countries, including the United States.


RCI Jeux, France
The takeover of RCI Jeux further reinforces Keesing’s position in the French B2B market.
RCI was founded in 1972 by French producer Armand Jammot, best known for developing
the television game format Des chiffres et des lettres. RCI sells puzzle content to French
media firms via long term contracts. The takeover will also give Keesing the opportunity
to roll out its ‘White Label Puzzle Platform’ for the distribution of digital puzzles in France.


Sudoku Srl, Italy
The takeover of Sudoku Srl further strengthens Keesing’s position in the important Italian
market, given that the company is market leader in the sudoku and logical puzzles
segment. In total, the acquisition involves 36 titles, including the weekly Settimana
Sudoku, which was created in 2005 and sells more than four million copies a year. The
takeover brings to the Group the brand “Corrado Tedeschi Editore – Enigmisti in Firenze
dal 1945”, popular among the public for crosswords and puzzles. Sudoku Srl was founded
by Luca Sprea, known for being the CEO and founder of the publishing company Sprea
S.p.A., and who will join the Group to manage Italian operations.


Steven Kotok named president and MD North America
Keesing is also pleased to announce the appointment of Steven Kotok as President and
Managing Director North America. Kotok was previously President of Bauer Media USA
and has a lengthy media career behind him, having previously led Wirecutter and Dennis
Publishing. Keesing expects to further expand its position in North America through his


Financial details were not disclosed.


About Keesing Media Group
In the past five years, Keesing Media Group has become the biggest puzzle and
braintainment company in the world, producing more than 200 million puzzle books a
year. Keesing was founded in 1911 by Amsterdam-based journalist Isaäc Keesing, and is
now global market leader in print, online, and app puzzle formats. The company offers
puzzle enthusiasts all over the world challenging and innovative game concepts and is
currently represented in 15 countries, including the United States and Canada. The
headquarters are in Amsterdam, and the company has a global workforce of 450.

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