Braintainment is our world
Braintainment is our world

About us

Keesing Media Group is one of the biggest publishers of puzzle magazines in Europe. With a print run of 86 million puzzle magazines on an annual basis, Keesing has conquered the hearts of millions of puzzle fans in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Norway and the United Kingdom.

With brands such as Denksport, Sport Cérébral, Tankesport, Megastar, Jan Meulendijks, 10 voor Taal and Win!, Keesing Media Group brings almost 500 different puzzle publications to the market every year. From arrowwords to sudokus, from wordrunners to crosswords and from wordsearches to logic puzzles, Keesing offers all kinds of puzzle varieties. There is something for everyone in our broad range of puzzles, including magazines for enthusiasts of cryptics, pick-a-pix and even colouring books.

Keesing Media Group, though, is more than just a publisher of puzzle magazines. Keesing keeps a close eye on all digital developments. Apps have been launched for the iPad and other tablets in Dutch, Flemish, French, Danish, Swedish, German, Spanish and English, where new puzzles are published on a weekly basis.

Keesing Media Group employs approximately 290 staff members and has branch offices in Paris, Naintré, Antwerp, Amsterdam and Copenhagen. The holding has its headquarters in Amsterdam. Since 2006 Keesing is part of the Telegraaf Media Groep, assuring a healthy foundation for further growth in Europe and online.