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Jean-Paul Lo-Ten-FoeIn 2019, Jean-Paul Lo-Ten-Foe decided to join Keesing Netherlands for a variety of reasons. “I was impressed with the culture at Keesing and how well people get along with each other. It’s also exciting because the company is in a growth phase with acquisitions, developing new products and expanding into new markets,” he says. 

One of the biggest challenges Jean-Paul has experienced was launching a new finance system in 2019. “It took longer than planned, but that isn’t unusual in these kind of developments. It was also a challenge to get everyone to welcome the new system and keep morale strong as we were working out the bugs. Success didn’t happen overnight but now everyone is experiencing the advantages.” Jean-Paul is also proud of developing his finance team, who offer a wide range of expertise and can keep growing with Keesing in the future.  


You’ll join an energetic company with a positive vibe where you can grow together with the company


There is no average day at Keesing for Jean-Paul, which includes everything from handling payments and adhoc tasks to month-end finances. He manages a team of seven who range in age from 25 to 52 years’ old. “It’s a really diverse team and we all work really well together. Everyone is very nice and professional and our company culture is informal and energetic.” 

Jean-Paul enjoys spending weekends taking his wife, two sons and a daughter on day trips, having barbecues with friends as well as playing soccer. If you ask Jean-Paul why you should join Keesing, he says, “You’ll join an energetic company with a positive vibe where you can grow together with the company.” 

In a nutshell: 

  • Title: Manager of Finance 
  • How long with Keesing: 2 years 
  • Country location: The Netherlands 
  • Keesing in one word: Fun 
  • Favorite puzzle: The Big Forest Atlas Puzzle Book