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Cookie and Privacy Statement Keesing Media Group B.V.

  1. Introduction

You are visiting a website that forms part of the online network of the Keesing Media Group B.V. and its subsidiaries (KMG), the largest publisher of puzzle magazines in Europe. This Cookie and Privacy Statement applies to all products, services and activities of KMG and its subsidiaries unless they are explicitly governed by their own privacy statement. This includes include and 

When using the services of KMG, KMG and/or third parties may collect information about your use of these services and other websites.KMG believes it is important to treat your personal data with care and confidentiality.KMG complies with all the relevant laws and regulations including the Personal Data Protection Act, the Telecommunications Act, and the codes of conduct of the DDMA (Dutch Dialogue Marketing Association).


  1. Processed personal data and controller

When you subscribe to one of our products or services or when you register, order a publication, sign up for an email newsletter, participate in a sales promotion campaign, use our digital services, contact KMG or any of its subsidiaries, or otherwise make use of the services of (part of) KMG, the personal information provided by you is recorded and processed under the responsibility of KMG.

In addition to the personal data you provide to KMG yourself, KMG may collect additional personal information concerning your use of the services of KMG and record and process this information. This concerns the following personal data:

  • information concerning equipment used such as a unique device ID, version of the operating system and the settings of the device you use to access a service;
  • information concerning the use of a service, such as the time you use it and the type of service used;
  • location data from your device or derived from your IP address transmitted to us when you use a particular service;
  • information available in external sources. We may receive information about you from public or commercially available sources; for example, a social media site if you connect to our services through that social media site.

The data controller is Keesing Media Group B.V., Basisweg 30, 1043 AP Amsterdam. The data processing is registered with the Dutch Data Protection Authority in The Hague.


  1. Purposes of data processing

KMG will process your personal data for the following purposes:

  • the formation and performance of the agreement, for example to provide the products, services or information selected by you;
  • if you have purchased a paid service or product, for invoicing purposes;
  • to enable you to place and exchange information through one of the digital services of KMG or to contact other users of those digital services;
  • to keep you informed of the products and services of KMG; if desired;
  • to send you a newsletter, user information, service message or other (electronic) message;
  • to enable login via social sites (provided by third parties);
  • to show you targeted ads (by selling available advertising space to third parties); for example, showing you an advertisement of a product or service which KMG believes you may be interested in on the basis of its processed data. KMG may use your personal information to create a profile based on which KMG tries to assess your interests. Ads provided by KMG (or third parties) can be aligned to your profile;
  • to improve products and services. Based on information about your interests and your use of our products and services, we try to improve our products and services and to better adjust them to your use or your interests;
  • to comply with the laws and regulations applicable to KMG.

Your personal data can be exchanged for the purposes referred to above or made available to all companies of KMG that use this Cookies and Privacy Statement. It is also possible that when you use various KMG products and/or services, the data provided in that context is combined to form a profile with data from (the use of) other KMG products and/or services. When you use our digital services, an account can be created automatically using the personal data you have already supplied in the context of one of our other services.


  1. Provision of data to third parties.

Your data will not be provided to third parties that do not form part of the TMG group without your consent, except for the following. Your data may be provided without your consent to parties engaged by KMG for the performance of its services (for example, the supplier of a product ordered by you). In such a case, your information is only used for the purpose for which you provided it (e.g. the delivery of the product). In addition, KMG may be required to provide certain information under the applicable laws and regulations, for example to the police in connection with a criminal investigation. In these cases, KMG will only provide information if it is clear that there is a statutory obligation to supply the information. Finally, KMG may disclose your information to third parties, for example if a third party considers that the content of your ad infringes its intellectual property rights, or that it concerns an unlawful statement on one of the forums provided by KMG. In such cases, KMG will provide your data only under strict conditions, always taking your interests into account.


  1. Telephone calls

Telephone calls to the customer service of KMG businesses can be recorded for training and coaching purposes. The recordings will not be kept longer than strictly necessary and are not accessible to unauthorised persons.


  1. External service providers and other sites

If you arrive at the site or application of a third party using a digital service of KMG, the terms and conditions and privacy policy of the third party concerned apply. You are advised to consult the privacy policy of the third party. For digital services of KMG to which you gain access through social media services of third parties, KMG will process the login data used by you in the same manner as described in this Cookie and Privacy Statement.


  1. Data protection

KMG respects the privacy of everyone involved and ensures that personal data is treated confidentially and with the utmost care. All personal data is securely stored in the records of KMG. This database is accessible only to employees of KMG, insofar as necessary in the context of their tasks. Furthermore, KMG makes reasonable efforts to secure its systems against any loss and/or any form of unlawful use or processing, and uses appropriate technical and organisational measures to that end in accordance with the state of the art. However, KMG is not liable for unlawfully obtained access to computers or files, viruses spread through advertisements or other illegal programs or files, or any other consequence of the provision of information to KMG.


  1. Inspection and correction of data and the right of objection

You may at any time and at no cost inspect your data processed by KMG and adjust this data if desired. You may also object to receiving specific information regarding the products or services of KMG or targeted offers via email, telephone, post and/or SMS. If you wish to make use of one of these options please do so in writing to:

Keesing Media Group
Attn. Klantregistratie
Basisweg 30
1043 AP Amsterdam

Or send an email to


  1. Cookies

When you use the services of KMG, information about your use of these services and other websites can be collected by KMG and/or third parties, for example through cookies.

A cookie is a small file that is sent along with pages from a website and stored on the hard drive of your computer by your browser.

Purposes of the use of cookies by KMG

A cookie allows your browser to be recognised when you repeatedly visit a website. KMG uses cookies, for example:

  1. to facilitate navigating and logging onto the websites and mobile apps of KMG or to remember your settings and/or preferences when you use websites and mobile apps of KMG. For example: You log in on a website and a via a cookie our system knows at your next visit to the same website that you are logged in. You do not need to log in again.
  2. statistical purposes: to analyse the use of the KMG websites. For example, it can be tracked how many visitors visit a specific web page, so that KMG knows which (parts) of its websites are popular.
  3. to better align ads (provided you have given permission for this) on the websites (and mobile apps) you visit to your needs and interests, to prevent that you see a specific ad too often and to record how often an ad has been shown. For example: before displaying a video, a commercial can be shown to you. To avoid that you keep seeing the same commercial it can be tracked which commercials have already been shown to you.
  4. (with your consent) for "targeting" purposes: to build a profile of you based on your surfing habits, to align ads to your (presumed) interests. This profile can also be built based on information from your visits to other websites. For example: If you regularly visit it is assumed that you are interested in cars.


Purposes of the use of cookies by third parties

Third parties present ads on our websites instructed by us. They also place cookies on your computer to that end. This only occurs on our websites if you have given permission. This permission only relates to our websites. These third parties place cookies on our behalf. The third parties act as processor for the purpose of the Data Protection Act, in which KMG (or one of its subsidiaries) is the controller.

Advertisers and parties engaged by advertisers to purchase advertising space can also place cookies when they display ads on our websites. The privacy and cookie policy of the company concerned applies to this use of cookies. Under a contract with those parties, the data collected by them using cookies placed via our websites and mobile apps may only be used to the extent necessary for the purpose of the purchased service. In other words, advertisers may only use this data to measure the number of times the ad is shown or the ad is clicked and/or you, as a user, place an order on the website of the advertiser after seeing the ad (so that the advertiser, based on this owes an (additional) fee to the party who placed the ad on behalf of advertiser).


Removing and refusing cookies

Cookies that have been placed can be removed and new cookies can be refused through the browser settings on your computer. The way they can be deleted and refused varies by browser; consult the help function of your browser, if necessary. In addition, you can refuse most cookies placed via the use of KMG's websites, both individually and collectively through Here also you can see which of those cookies are enabled on your browser.

Incidentally, after removing and/or refusing cookies you may still see ads.

Please note: if you refuse and/or remove cookies, you cannot always use all the features of a website and mobile apps. In addition, the refusal and/or removal of cookies only applies to the computer and the browser on which you performed these operations. If you use multiple computers and/or browsers you will need to repeat the action(s) referred to above as often as needed.


  1. Amendments to this Cookies and Privacy Statement

KMG reserves the right to amend this Cookies and Privacy Statement. Any amendment will be published on this page. We recommend that you regularly consult this Cookies and Privacy Policy so that you are always informed of the contents of the Cookies and Privacy Policy in force.

This Cookies and Privacy Policy was last changed on 1 August 2017