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 Keesing is the largest publisher of puzzle magazines in Europe with an annual print run of 96 million magazines.

With such a print run of quality puzzles we have captured the hearts and minds of puzzle fans across the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Hungary and the United Kingdom. Our most-esteemed brands of Denksport, Sport Cérébral, Tankesport, Megastar, Jan Meulendijks, 10 voor Taal and Win! bring nearly 750 different puzzle publications to the market every year. From arrowords to sudokus, from wordrunners to crosswords and from wordsearches to logic puzzles, Keesing offers a multitude of puzzle varieties. There will be something for everyone in our broad range of puzzles, which includes magazines for enthusiasts of cryptics, pic-a-pix and colouring books too.

Our puzzle families at a glance

From the classic crossword to the modern Tectonic or colouring pages, Keesing publishes them all.

Word puzzles

Crossword Crossword

Keesing has the most fun and challenging crossword puzzles in Europe. Explore a variety of puzzle and clue types and difficulty levels. Our crosswords are not only available in print, but also by downloading our free app.

Arroword Arroword

The Arroword puzzle editions from Keesing are made in a variety of formats and a range of difficulty levels. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing puzzle for vacation or a more challenging puzzle, Keesing has the best puzzle for you in our Arroword selection.

Cryptics Cryptics

The cryptic crossword is a puzzle made just for the puzzle specialist. In a cryptic puzzle, getting from the clue to the word can take several twists and turns, whether through allusions, anagrams or other types of wordplay. If you’re looking to be truly tested in your puzzling skills, look no farther than Keesing’s cryptic puzzles.

Logic puzzles

Sudoku Sudoku

Keesing introduced the basic Sudoku puzzle to the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Scandinavia and since then our selection has only grown. The beginner player can start with our 1-star puzzle and increase in difficulty all the way up to 15 stars! Play it on your phone or tablet for even more ease and variety.

Tectonic Tectonic

A unique and addicting number puzzle, Tectonic is the new puzzle rage. Its international success has been made possible exclusively by Keesing. Choose from 5 levels of difficulty and play on paper, phone or tablet. Download the Tectonic app from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

Logic puzzles Logic puzzles

Really train your brain with any of Keesing's logic puzzles. Our large assortment of puzzle types are designed for the puzzler who’s looking for a fun way of slipping into being a real deep thinker. Try our Binary puzzle, Hitori, Tents & Trees, Battleship, Building Bridges, Fences, Futoshiki or Kakuro.


Colouring Colouring

Colouring for adults has become an international hype. Just like puzzling, colouring is a new approach towards relaxation. Keesing has roughly 10 different colouring editions sold in 12 countries. All of Keesing editions are printed on high quality paper to ensure a smooth and bright colouring experience.

Dot-to-Dot Dot-to-Dot

Since 2012 Keesing has been the designer and publisher of dot-to-dot puzzles and magazines within the Netherlands and abroad. Who knew that connecting the dots could be so addictive for adults too! The line puzzles also come in an XXL size for a more challenging and rewarding experience.

Logic Colouring Logic Colouring

Want to go a step further in your colouring? Then our Picture Logic magazine is something for you! In addition to dot-to-dots you can try the Picture builder or the Colour by Number. Try these unique and surprising ways to colour and puzzle at the same time!

Kids puzzles

Activity books Activity books

Puzzling isn’t just a nice way for adults to pass their free time- that you can see from the popularity of Keesing’s activity books for children. Children from ages 4 through 10 are given a fun way to simultaneously relax and develop. Without noticing it, they will be increasing their vocabulary and thinking skills!

Colouring for kids Colouring for kids

In addition to our colouring books for adults, Keesing keeps up with tradition by publishing colouring books for children. Together with the classical colouring page, we also include mandalas, paint by number and more.

Nickelodeon & Nick jr. Nickelodeon & Nick jr.

In collaboration with Viacom, Keesing publishes two kids magazines of the Nickelodeon heroes, including SpongeBob, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dora and Paw Patrol. Nick Jr. is ideal for children from ages 4 to 6, while the Nickelodeon activity book is for ages 7 to 9.

What puzzle fans say about Keesing

Paul McNamara

Tectonic mobile app United States of America

So addictive! The level 3 and 4 puzzles are too easy for me, but level 5 is perfect. Next time I'm going to try a level 6 or 7. It's been great to move up the levels when I'm ready.

Julia Ripoll

Wordsearch mobile app France

These puzzles are a great pastime and moreover, a great workout for the brain!

Filippo Calabrese

Sudoku mobile app Italy

At first I was sceptical about doing Sudoku's on my tablet, but now I don't do them any other way. Erasing numbers is so much easier now!

Endless possibilities with Keesing

With an annual print run of 96 million magazines, Keesing is the largest publisher of puzzle magazines in Europe. With such a print run of quality puzzles we have captured the hearts and minds of puzzle fans across the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Hungary and the United Kingdom.

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