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Whether you're looking for a standard puzzle book, a tailor-made puzzle book, a prize puzzle or a thematic puzzle, Keesing puzzles are always unique and entertaining.

Denksport® Denksport®

Denksport is the oldest puzzle brand of Keesing in The Netherlands and Flanders.

Sport Cérébral® Sport Cérébral®

Among puzzlers in France, Sport Cérébral is known as the brand to play.


Megastar puzzle magazines are made for our puzzlers in France, Spain, Italy and Germany.

Tankesport® Tankesport®

In Denmark, Norway and Sweden the puzzle magazines from Tankesport are sold for all ages and difficulty levels.

What puzzle fans say about Keesing

Paul McNamara

Tectonic mobile app United States of America

So addictive! The level 3 and 4 puzzles are too easy for me, but level 5 is perfect. Next time I'm going to try a level 6 or 7. It's been great to move up the levels when I'm ready.

Julia Ripoll

Wordsearch mobile app France

These puzzles are a great pastime and moreover, a great workout for the brain!

Filippo Calabrese

Sudoku mobile app Italy

At first I was sceptical about doing Sudoku's on my tablet, but now I don't do them any other way. Erasing numbers is so much easier now!

Endless possibilities with Keesing

With an annual print run of 96 million magazines, Keesing is the largest publisher of puzzle magazines in Europe. With such a print run of quality puzzles we have captured the hearts and minds of puzzle fans across the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Hungary and the United Kingdom.

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