Digital products

Keesing keeps a close eye on digital developments.

In the last few years Keesing has become not only a publisher of magazines, but a contender in the digital world with our puzzle apps for iPad and other tablets in Dutch, Flemish, French, Danish, Swedish, German, Spanish and English. Every week we publish thousands of unique puzzles online for crossword, sudoku, arroword, wordsearch, tectonic and more.

Smartphone apps

Crossword app Crossword app

Keesing makes the most fun and challenging crossword puzzles across Europe, and they’re not only available in book format. Download our free puzzle app to try any of our different varieties and experience the crossword in an even easier and more relaxing mode.

Sudoku app Sudoku app

Keesing introduced the Sudoku puzzle to the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Scandinavia and since then our selection has only continued to grow. The beginner player can start out with our 1-star puzzle and from there increase in difficulty all the way up to 12 stars! And with Keesing you can always play Sudoku on your phone or tablet.

Wordsearch app Wordsearch app

The wordsearch puzzle almost needs no introduction. It's the most relaxing word puzzle there is, perfect for all ages. All our wordsearches consist of a theme, an alphabetical list of words and a grid. Play on paper, online or download our apps.

Tectonic app Tectonic app

A unique and addicting number puzzle, Tectonic is the new puzzle rage and its international success has been made possible exclusively by Keesing. Choose from 9 levels of difficulty and play on paper, phone or tablet. Download the Tectonic app from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

Tablet apps

iPad app iPad app

Play any variety of our many puzzle apps made for iPad, ranging from word puzzles to number puzzles to logic games.

Android tablet app Android tablet app

Use your Android tablet to explore our wide range of word, number and logic puzzles and games made by Keesing. Simply download the free app and begin testing the first free puzzles.

Windows app Windows app

Play our Sudoku puzzles and themed wordsearch puzzles in our puzzle app especially made for Windows.

What puzzle fans say about Keesing

Paul McNamara

Tectonic mobile app United States of America

So addictive! The level 3 and 4 puzzles are too easy for me, but level 5 is perfect. Next time I'm going to try a level 6 or 7. It's been great to move up the levels when I'm ready.

Julia Ripoll

Wordsearch mobile app France

These puzzles are a great pastime and moreover, a great workout for the brain!

Filippo Calabrese

Sudoku mobile app Italy

At first I was sceptical about doing Sudoku's on my tablet, but now I don't do them any other way. Erasing numbers is so much easier now!

Endless possibilities with Keesing

With an annual print run of 96 million magazines, Keesing is the largest publisher of puzzle magazines in Europe. With such a print run of quality puzzles we have captured the hearts and minds of puzzle fans across the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Hungary and the United Kingdom.

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