Tailor-made puzzles

Whether you're looking for a tailor-made puzzle book, a prize puzzle or a thematic puzzle, Keesing puzzle products are always unique and creative.

The solving time for a puzzle is on average 12 minutes, giving you that much time to bring your product to their attention. The puzzle possibilities are endless: size, degree of difficulty, with or without pictures, with a final solution word, your brand or theme name... you name it! Contact us for all the options in print, online and all puzzle & win actions.


With over 80 years of experience in the field of making puzzles Keesing offers a wide portfolio covering all segments of puzzling and produces magazines for all ages. Keesing is active as a puzzle publisher in The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Hungary and the United Kingdom. In addition to composing a unique prize puzzle or a themed puzzle according to your vision, we can also deliver:

100% tailor-made puzzle magazines

Puzzle magazines are diverse, as they generate sales, brand awareness, donors, a customer database and more. Our magazines are made entirely according to the style of your business and besides the puzzle pages, we can include product information. A puzzle magazine is therefore an ideal giveaway at tradeshows or as an original promotion gift within your store(s).  

Already several companies successfully teamed up with Keesing. Take a look here at some of those cases.



Why choose a unique and fully- customized puzzle or puzzle magazine?

  • Unique theme puzzles
  • Maintain your company's own style
  • Draw attention to your product(s)
  • Great as a give-away
  • Always A-quality puzzles

What our clients say about Keesing

Paul McNamara

Tectonic mobile app United States of America

So addictive! The level 3 and 4 puzzles are too easy for me, but level 5 is perfect. Next time I'm going to try a level 6 or 7. It's been great to move up the levels when I'm ready.

Julia Ripoll

Wordsearch mobile app France

These puzzles are a great pastime and moreover, a great workout for the brain!

Elizabeth Morgan

Sudoku mobile app United Kingdom

This app is great! I've been doing Sudoku's for a long time on paper, but I must say that the digital puzzles are much nicer. I especially like the sound effects. Thanks!

Endless possibilities with Keesing

With an annual print run of 96 million magazines, Keesing is the largest publisher of puzzle magazines in Europe. With such a print run of quality puzzles we have captured the hearts and minds of puzzle fans across the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Hungary and the United Kingdom.

12 min

The average time a customer is busy with a puzzle.


The number of different puzzle book titles from across all active countries.


Number of puzzle books published yearly in all active countries.