Braintainment is our world
Braintainment is our world

Puzzles on your iPad or tablet

Play the world's most popular puzzles on your iPad or tablet! Keesing offers puzzle apps in various languages available under our brand names Denksport, Sport Cérébral, Megastar, Tankesport and Puzzlesport.

Try puzzles for free, and when you know what you want, find it in the Apple, Android or Windows store. We publish new editions every month/week.

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Multiword is a compelling word game that can be played alone or with 3 other players at the maximum.Players can form words either horizontally or vertically in their playing field. Every player must form a word using a letter employed by one of the other players within a given time limit. The winner is the highest ranking player once the playing field is completely used up.






Scrollword is a completely new crossword puzzle concept. In Scrollword there are no clues as the answers are already given. However, the answers are spelt out on scrolls with jumbled letters. The aim then, is to turn the scrolls to discover the right order of the letters and spell out the words correctly. Every puzzle has a fixed number of scrolls available and every time the cylinder is turned a scroll is used.

A game consists of 4 puzzles. The first 10 games (40 puzzles) are free, following which sets of 10 games (40 puzzles) can be bought.

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